Accounting is not just about crunching numbers. The new era of accounting is about personalisation and specialisation for the market segment with the maximum potential for growth. This means that we only work with partners with the right foundations in place. Then, our job is to take your business to the next level and help you grow.

Auditors Leicester

Unless an exemption is in place, all companies in the UK are bound to have a financial audit. And you need a professional to carry out that audit for you.

MVC Accountants takes care of this for you.

We make sure that the right procedures are in place to provide the needed assurance that the statements are free of material misstatement. This is in addition to the obvious ensuring that the right rules have been followed in doing so in the first place.


Statutory Audits are in place to confirm the accuracy of your financial records.

Even if an exemption is in place, you may still need an statutory audit.

For instance, if your business is growing, either organically or even through a merger or acquisition, it is advised to get a statutory audit. Based on the right information in place, we are also able to point at potential improvements, and more importantly growth potential, in your business.

Apart from the cases where it is highly recommended, a statutory audit can help you in other ways too.

For instance, it can give you the backing that the right systems are in place, insuring efficacy of internal controls. For any impurities or inefficiencies, we are then able to provide the right guidance to bring you up to higher internal standards.


Non-statutory audits are simply not required legally. But, this does not mean that there are no benefits associated with them.

If done properly, non-statutory audits provide information beyond the financial realms and propel the organisation massively.

This is the aim of MVC Accountants for your non-statutory business audits.

This can benefit operations, management, HR, and even client satisfaction in the long run.

We will simply create a report for your business, based on defined objectives, that will help you grow the overall business in the most effective manner.

In some cases, you will be required to fulfil a non-statutory audit. This is especially the case for charities and non-profit organisations. Get in touch to learn more.


We have grounded the foundations of our partnership with you digitally. Now, it is your turn to take the next step. Get in touch to formalise your ticket to further growth with us.

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