Reducing Red Tape – Minimising Bureaucratic Obstacles

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Rules and regulations are quite important to business structure and, in some cases, attaining sustainability. 

However, rules and regulations come at a cost when they start creating hurdles to moving forward. 

In short, unnecessary rules reduce productivity and creativity in business. And, there are more measurable impacts too.

For instance, small businesses have less regulations than corporate companies and stats suggest small businesses provide over half of the community employment. 

In this brief article we are going to look at a way of dealing with bureaucracy and reducing red tape.

The Purpose

Corporations are the backbone of the financial economy. 

So, it is never good news when big firms collapse. Such collapses have a ripple effect to investment, collective expenditure and the perception of the strength of the economy.

For this reason, there is a case to be made for red tape reduction, especially in the case of big firms. The need for doing so has intensified during the given struggling periods, where growth has minimised. 

Having said that, processes, rules and structures are there to allow businesses to run smoothly without making a crash example.


Let’s take a common example.

You are in the corporate world and you have been handed a project. 

What’s more; the said project is truly able to make a positive impact for the organisation and even the people around it. 

To make a case for your project, you have researched and produced a solution. So, you approach, email and meet with your line manager, where it takes time to make any progress.  

Afterwards, you hear nothing for a week and after chasing, you hear back that your project is finally approved.

Do you think things could have moved forward a bit faster?

A Small Tip

Bureaucracy is not moving out anytime soon. So, suggesting to do so will be foolish.

However, creating a reusable report template, that is well structured and encourages your project to be taken seriously, can make things go faster. 

So, use a good project management system, e.g. Jira or Trello, that keeps track of your projects and progress.

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