How to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Accountant?


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At MV Chartered Accountants, we love to connect relevant examples to seemingly complex ideas.

For instance, we compare sales trying to engage with a suitable mate. If you think about it, at the core of both these ideas, making a sale or impressing someone you like, have more in common than you we think. We will let you think about it.

Similarly, keeping a good relationship with your accountant has the same dimensions as maintaining a good relationship with your life partner, for instance.

Along similar lines, here is our breakdown of how you can maintain a good relationship with your accountant.


1. Be Choosy

You don’t pick a partner just because you want a partner. And, even if you picked a partner in that way, it usually ends in a disaster.

Same is the case with picking an accountant.

If your aim is to bring state of the art tech systems in your business while your accountant is still living in a file cabinet, chances are that you are not right for each other. From here on, no matter how much each of you try, the relationship may never take off.

Therefore, instead of letting things boil over and lead to a bad breakup, look for an accountant who shares your goals and aspirations.


2. Communicate

You should have seen this coming.

Imagine how would you feel if your partner makes key decisions without getting your opinion on it. Or worse, how about taking your opinion and then doing things differently anyways.

Same is the principle with communicating with your accountant.

Given that your accountant is qualified to be an authority on spending and receiving money, it is useful to stay in touch for financial advice and acting upon it. Even if you are not looking at the point of communication from a purely advice perspective, you should at least notify your accountant of any financial decisions you are taking. This will keep them aware of what to expect when doing your taxes and hopefully, even find ways of reducing your bill at the end of the year.


3. Don’t Shy Away

This is an extension of our last suggestion.

Just like in a healthy personal relationship, if you are not happy with something, bring it forward in a constructive manner.

Here, I cannot emphasise enough on the ‘constructive’ part.

From a psychological perspective, humans have a tendency to believe that everything is great when a part of your life is doing amazing. For instance, if you have made more sales in a specific period, you may miss out on hiding business issues.

Similarly, when one thing goes wrong, we may start thinking that everything is going against you. (We have countless examples of this that we can share those in person).

So, if you are unhappy about a certain aspect of your partnership with your accountant, clarify it, rather than letting it ruin your whole relationship.

You may not be happy with how financial information moves with your accountant, for instance. But, this does not mean that your accountant is not doing their job. Simply, your accountant needs to improve the means of obtaining information and everything will get to an improved state from there on.


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