Accountants and auditors ensure that companies are operating efficiently, not just from a financial angle. Accountants and auditors do so by assessing financial records of their clients and guiding them to further improve their business. Typically, the duties of accountants and auditors include analysing financial and business data, budgeting for clients, tax returns, and accounting record-keeping.

Yes, we’re passionate about startups because they support the local economy and provide jobs in the future.

To begin, we will need a brief review of your financial records. In addition, we will also require a copy of your last financial accounts, if they were not prepared by us. For any further specific information, connected to your business, please get in touch.

For more specific cases, e.g. year-end taxes, please check our blog:

Information Needed by Your Accountant for the Year-End Taxes

Accountants are required to register their clients with HMRC. However, if you want to change your accountants, the process is quite simple. All you need to do is formally request your former accountant to transfer your records to your new accountant, as you are changing your accountants. Alternatively, if there are no outstanding fees, we are happy to request the change directly for you.

Currently we are focusing on businesses related to property services, digital businesses, and startups in the scaling period.

You do not need to register your business unless you formally start making. However, you must notify HMRC within 3 months, once you start trading, to avoid any penalties. If you’re approaching this deadline, please contact us as quickly as possible and we will take care of the matters.

We are a digital first accounting firm. This means that if you are a modern business starting now or an already running traditional business looking to transform, we will provide the needed digital support to utilise software and cloud based accounting products. This will allow you to seamless run your business from anywhere and be more fluid. Get in touch to learn more.

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