The Real Differentiator Between Accountants Explained


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Do you ever wonder what the difference is from one accountant to another? 

More specifically, why should you take your time searching for the right accountant although the final numbers on your profit and loss are about the same.

Put simply, there’s much more to investing into an Accountant.


The Potential

Whenever you invest or spend money, there are multiple benefits you can hit. 

And, the right accountant has the ability to supercharge your business through:

  1. Connections
  2. Business Knowledge
  3. Industry knowledge

Let’s get into the details.



An accountant is in the middle of a B2B heaven.

Given that they are usually connected to multiple businesses, accountants can be great at opening doors to their clients. Here, even if you are a B2C business, there is great value in connecting with other businesses and pooling your sources together.


Industry Knowledge

Many accountants will have a specialist area, just like most businesses who have matured will find themselves with a client base who are in similar industries. 

Then, the right accountant can give good advice based on their experience, supporting you grow your business. 

In addition, based on the connections section above, even if an accountant doesn’t have the direct advice to give you, they will always know someone closely related to help you out.


Business Knowledge

Because accountants have seen over hundreds of businesses, they will eventually see a trend of fatal decision or pivotal points that hurt businesses. 

This is only possible if the accountant is a deep thinker and can draw an understanding from past experience. As we have been saying throughout this whole article, it is important to connect with the right accountant for you.


Personality Types of Accountants

Away from the direct impact of an accountant on your business, you need to connect at a personality level too.

Put simply, a good match leads to a good experience.

Here, like all relationships, you need to have good synergy. Accountants are naturally analytical. But, if they are on the extroverted spectrum, you will see them marketing and active on social media too. 

Similarly, if they are traditional or introverted, they are more likely to rely on referral business. 

What type of personalities do you connect with out of the given options?


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