Cloud Accounting – Fulfilling Your Accounting Needs More Effectively

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Technology is hyper charging the business economy with manual processes being outsourced to developed software programs. 

20 years ago Sage Accounting was the market leader for accounting software. However, cloud based ecosystem has changed how we interact with digital accounting tools. 

Sage has had a good shot at becoming digital and has been able to remain in the market because of its credible reputation. In competition though, the likes of Quickbooks and Xero are jockeying for the elite spot in cloud accounting software leadership.

In this article we are not going to be discussing the differences between the software packages, but why businesses should switch to a cloud based tool for their accounting needs.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

1. Dealing with Repetitive Tasks

We don’t know many business departments who enjoy producing invoices and chasing overdue payments. This is because such tasks are simply repetitive, with limited skills required.

To make life easier, digital, cloud based programs are able to integrate with multiple tools and software to get the job done. 

For example the cloud based accounting systems are able to automatically produce invoices and update once the bank has received payments, without the need for a manual check. 

Not only does this reduce human error but also saves valuable time.

2. Shareability 

Painful is an understatement when describing the process of sending files back and forth. 

To eliminate the need for manual sending of files, cloud based accounting allows you to update and work on the same file without having to figure out the latest version. What’s more; because the files are saved on the cloud, it even frees up storage space on your device

3. Flexibility

Long gone are the days when you could open a file only on certain devices.

Through cloud accounting, you can access information from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. 

Cloud based accounting is simply more flexible.

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