4 Points of Stability Support for Businesses Affected by Coronavirus


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Disease outbreaks do not just affect people. In fact, the impact on businesses is immense too, given the hindering of regular life.

Currently, the case with Coronavirus, or more appropriately Covid-19, is no different. And, the current plunging of the stock markets shows the extent of the effect in full swing.

Sadly, the impact of such problems causes a domino effect and with the current state of the financial market, further business devastation is imminent. Such impacts will be 1st seen in bigger businesses. However, even smaller businesses, in the long term, need to get the right help.

Therefore, we have decided to write this short blog on what kind of stability support do you require.


The Bigger Picture

It all comes down to how consumers are behaving in a society.

Until people keep spending money, everything seems to work out. However, add a singular hindrance and complete sectors seem to come down collapsing.

For instance, look at the airline market. Already, we had the case of Flybe not able to finance their ongoing costs and dissolving. But, this is not the end of the effect in terms of travel-related industries.

If flights are empty, chances are that less people are travelling for holidays. This then means that towns, and the businesses that rely on these travellers, e.g. hotels and restaurants, are empty and losing out on potential money.

In addition, there are parallel sectors, e.g. taxi companies, that are getting affected too, with overall less people moving around.

And, once these businesses are being affected, chances are that the people involved in these sectors will have less money to spend and hence, everything else in the society will be affected in one way or another.

So, no matter how far off the problem your business is, the issue will finally reach and affect you and your business, at least to a limited extent.

In order to tackle these problems, follow the enlisted guiding principles:


1. Diversify

Even though we have concluded that almost all businesses will be affected by Covid-19, the extent and severity of the effect will still be a variable.

Therefore, like any other business and investment situation, it is important to diversify

In fact, there are business areas that might benefit from the spread of the virus, albeit sadly, but that’s the reality of the matter.


2. Continuation

This one is harder to implement.

There is almost no cure for a fear. But, in order for the continuation of life, stopping everything around us is not a solution.

Therefore, even with the necessary precautions, you must do all you can to keep your business going.


3. Understanding the Information

At this point, most of the level headed individuals understand how the media works.

Given that negative information sells better, most of what you will see in the news will be overly dramatised.

In short, if it was down to the news people, there will be a new apocalypse every day.

Under such circumstances, learn the difference between marketing and selling material vs actual news on the virus. Doing so will not only save you from a lot of headache but also limit your access to reasonable, sound information.

And, if you are unsure of the effect of any piece, clear it with your accountant. We are here to help.


4. Find Collaborations

In times of crunch, talk to other people on the same boat. In all fairness, even a similar boat will do.

To be clear, there is always great value in collaborating. However, when going gets tough, each collaboration becomes even more important.

Whether you are exchanging services or sharing physical amenities, e.g. office space or resources, doing so will keep all of you afloat, while providing support beyond business purposes.


To learn more, get in touch with us today.


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