Accounting is not just about crunching numbers. The new era of accounting is about personalisation and specialisation for the market segments with the maximum potential for growth. This means that we only work with partners with the right foundations in place. Then, our job is to take your business to the next level and help you grow with a digital focus.

Accountants Leicester

Our Beginnings

Our Leicester accountants practice started in the core of Leicester, surrounded by business individuals. 

Around us, we have seen local businesses need more than just a local Leicester accountant. They need accountants who are able to understand the changing needs of tomorrow.

In order to succeed, businesses need a consulting service incorporated within accounting and matching the changing needs of time. 

Learning from that, we are a firm of accountants in Leicester based on Rutland Street, Leicester City Centre, that work with companies focusing on becoming digital-led and pushing to grow exponentially. 

Whether you need software packages to crunch your numbers or a bespoke digital-focus business strategy that other old Leicester accountants have not been able to formulate, MVC Accountants are here to provide the necessary helping hand.

Our Thinking


The business economy is at the heart of our Leicester community. Therefore, we believe accountants are more than number crunchers.

Specifically, we see our role as business support that can provide direction from marketing to connections in a black book.

In addition, we have the marketing edge though our partnership with Leicester’s no. 1 Digital Marketing Agency on Google – Marketing Voice.

Would you like accounting services that gives complimentary marketing direction specialising in Google? Chances are that you found us through Google. Now imagine, your potential clients might be doing the same. Understand these nifty, little business touches and we will go far.

Our Accounting Intricacies

The job of a tax accountant is not just submitting your taxes – the bigger skill lies in suggesting ways of minimising the overall taxes you pay.

This is exactly what we do for our clients.

The job of an efficient tax system is to pour some money back into the economy and manage the overall flow of cash. But, with the right structures in place, where the money is being spent on economically positive initiatives, or even following the right protocols, the overall tax that needs to be paid by you can be slashed down.

And there are over 30 ways of doing so. From making sure that you are following the right tax codes to Capital Gains Allowance, and from tax-deductible expenses to dividend allowances, we are here to take care of your tax returns.

We live in a world that is constantly transforming. And so are we with our digital focus.

The possibilities of growth are endless today. You may start your business in Leicester but that should never be the end of your ambition.

Business can take you places and our tax accountants Leicester service will take some of the side burden away.

With taxation taken care of in the most efficient manner, we are also able to advice you on growth channels and targeting new markets.

Our taxation partnership with you is just the beginning. The possibilities are endless.

Check through our services or simply get in touch with us today to learn more.

Our office

Our Accounting Personality

We do what we love: Support businesses to grow through accounting. And, we do so from the heart of the Leicester City Centre at the LCB Depot in the cultural quarters. From the perspective of helping your business, we bring a unique perspective to growth.

In today’s day and age, jobs have become projects. 

In the past, people were simply hired to do a specific job within a defined business. 

However, today’s work-market is far more dynamic. As a result, your company roles and even your business changes every 6 months.

Therefore, we believe in a  collaborative approach, treating our clients as partners at an economic scale. And, as partners, our aim is to help improve the economic potential of businesses in Leicester. 

With us, you don’t just get accountants in Leicester, you are becoming a part of our business network.

We are not just another accounting firm in Leicester – We arE Pro Digital




accountants who are connected to digital

 Today’s business is about collaboration and being connected. And that’s not just your social media pages, but every digital software you use. So, if your not already using digital options, we are here to support your transition.

Go Paperless w/ cloud

paperless receipts

Are you ready to go paperless? Why carry worn out receipts and worry about keeping them around all the time, when they can go straight onto the cloud, making recording and reporting of finances streamlined?

Software Accounting

software accounting - xero

Traditional accountants worry that accounting softwares will put them out of job. Instead, by using easier digital options, we’re ahead with our services and train you over how to use them yourself too. In particular, we specialise in Xero, but also have good experience in Sage and Quickbooks.

Finance of today

Google Pay

Should accountants let their clients crack on with old traditional methods? Such a mentality is short sighted and hurts your business. Therefore, we help you stay competitive in the market, Keeping in mind that the present and future is digital.

Our Leicester Accounting Service


Accountants in Leicester

More than just accountants, our aim is to improve your economic standing. Making money is the foundation of business. Here, learn more about our Accounting, Online Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll services.


Save money for expenses accountants leicester

Want to know your budget for expenses that invests into your business or are you about giving for a healthier community? The tax on your income can be minimised and spread over several years. Here, check the specifics of our Tax Planning and Accounting, Self-Assessment, and VAT Returns services.


With a conscious effort to understand your circumstances, our audits are both proactive and transparent. Here, learn more about our audit work and services.

Business Consulting

consultancy business leicester accountant

Need steering and direction in your business? Understanding the appropriate business structure goes a long way in ensuring success. Here, learn the specifics of our Business Consulting, Company Formation, Business Planning and Shareholder Advice services.

Our Accounting Process


We pinpoint the sources of financial and strategic growth for your business, based on market trends.


We study your business to help you utilise the market trends and make the right decisions moving forward


We communicate the ongoing tweakings around your business expenditure to make it everlasting


We have grounded the foundations of our partnership with you digitally. Now, it is your turn to take the next step. Get in touch to formalise your ticket to further growth with us.

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