Accounting is not just about crunching numbers. The new era of accounting is about personalisation and specialisation for the market segment with the maximum potential for growth. This means that we only work with partners with the right foundations in place. Then, our job is to take your business to the next level and help you grow.

Our Beginnings

Our chartered accountants practice started in the core of Leicester, surrounded by business individuals. 

Around us, we have seen local businesses need more than just a Leicester-based accountant. 

In order to succeed, businesses need a consulting service incorporated within accounting and matching the changing needs of time. 

Learning from that, we are a firm of chartered accountants in Leicester that work with companies focusing on becoming digital-led and pushing to grow exponentially. 

Whether you need software packages to crunch your numbers or a bespoke digital-focus business strategy that other old Leicester accountants have not been able to formulate, MV Chartered Accountants are here to provide the necessary helping hand.

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MV Chartered Accountants

Our Accounting Personality

In today’s day and age, jobs have become projects. 

In the past, people were simply hired to do a specific job within a defined business. 

However, today’s work-market is far more dynamic. As a result, your company roles and even your business changes every 6 months.

Therefore, we believe in a  collaborative approach, treating our clients as partners at an economic scale. And, as partners, our aim is to help improve the economic potential of businesses in Leicester. 

With us, you don’t just get accountants in Leicester, you are becoming a part of our business network.

Our Accounting Services in Leicester


More than just accountants, our aim is to improve your economic standing. Here, learn more about our Accounting, Online Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll services.


The tax on your income can be minimised and spread over several years. Here, check the specifics of our Tax Planning and Accounting, Self-Assessment, and VAT Returns services.


With a conscious effort to understand your circumstances, our audits are both proactive and transparent. Here, learn more about our audit work and services.

Business Consulting

Understanding the appropriate business structure goes a long way in ensuring success. Here, learn the specifics of our Business Consulting, Company Formation, Business Planning and Shareholder Advice services.

Something Extra –  The Accounting Future


We have grounded the foundations of our partnership with you digitally. Now, it is your turn to take the next step. Get in touch to formalise your ticket to further growth with us.

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